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What is RNR?

RNR, at its core, is a hyper-casual platformer. When you start to break it down its a procedurally generated endless platforming runner with role-playing game mechanics built into it. When this game started to be built, back in 2014, we wanted to create a game that you could pick up a month down the road after not playing it does not have to worry about what the the story, what the controls where or if you are going to be blocked by loot boxes or downloadable content that you do not want to purchase.

We present to you a game that is casual to pick up, difficult to master with its premise all relying on speed and reflexes. A visually appetizing episodic story told through boss battles that you will not forget. Hours upon hours of playthroughs with no run being the same. An overwhelming 35+ customs lofi glitch-hop songs to the soundtrack of the game. No loot boxes and free future downloadable content.

Procedurally Generated

With 5 distinct regions with 7 regional zones each (not counting easter eggs and bonus levels) you are looking at 35 levels that are generated through generic and regional tilesets, spawning region specific enemies, making sure no two playthroughs are the same. Each region has its own obstacles and regional hazards that you need to figure out how you personally want to overcome them.

Endless Platforming Runner

Play for quests, play for glory or play until you die. With multiple modes, you can choose to play finishing off quests and leveling up or go for broke in the endless mode and compete against other high scores. There is everything from your standard moving platforms and spike hazard to new fun mechanics that you might not be used just to keep you on your toes. Now the biggest concern that hampers endless runners is:

"How do you make each run not repetitive?"

Not even considering the amount of scenery we have to give the player the feeling that they are in a distinct world, we have anywhere between 12 to 21+ enemies per region and 12 to 21+ hazards, all with custom animation and purposeful interactions with the player. If that was not enough, we wanted to have custom death animations for the player depending on how they died in relationship to each of those hazards and enemies.

Boss battles

That's good and all for the platforming but we wanted to go even a step further for the boss battles. We are not against what current platformers are doing for boss battles, but we are more interested in making an experience, not just for you, but for anyone watching as well. We have handcrafted the story into full-fledged animated episodic sequences that you interact within quick time events that depending on how well your stats are will either play in your favor or the bosses.

RPG Mechanics

Who does not love some beautiful user interfaces and mindless grinding numbers? Well, we got plenty. As you progress through the world you will be able to level up, unlock new abilities and craft potion, armor and weapons. Enemies will drop items that you can use to figure out recipes and level up your crafting progression and get better items which will help you stay at a level longer helping you progress faster.

Sound Design

We LOVE Asian culture and have all been inspired by it. The whole game is influenced by Asian culture and it should not be a surprise that our soundtrack is as well. We present to you 35+ custom tracks all in the lofi glitch-hop genre. If you are down to listen to some chill beats while you skip on your homework, we got you.

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